Privacy Talks: GDPR – an ideal approach to data protection?

Dienstag, 25. September 2018, 18:15 - 19:45 Uhr
Collegium Helveticum, Schmelzbergstrasse 25, 8006 Zürich



Prof. Niko Härting (Berlin School of Economics and Law)

Dr. Eldar Haber (Haifa University)
Prof. Charles Raab (University of Edinburgh)
Dr. Rosamunde van Brakel (LSTS, Vrije Universiteit Brussels)

Prof. Dr. Florent Thouvenin (ITSL, University of Zurich, assoc. Fellow, Collegium Helveticum)

In cooperation with the Center for Information Technology, Society,and Law (ITSL), University of Zurich

An event within the framework of the main theme «Digital Societies» of the 2016-2020 Fellowship Period at the Collegium Helveticum

Privacy activists and professionals are convinced that the GDPR will soon be a global ‘gold standard’ for data protection. And, indeed, global players all over the world have been busy implementing the GDPR since 2016. At the same time, legislators from many countries are adapting data protection laws to the GDPR. But will the GDPR stand the test of time? Can data protection authorities ever be well-equipped enough to enforce the prescriptive rules? And could innovation and the digital economy still prosper if the GDPR were ever fully enforced? What answers does the GDPR provide to the challenges of big data and artificial intelligence? And is there a coherent ‘risk-based approach’ or rather a ‘one size fits all’ bottom line, counting pixels rather than focussing on risks?

The Center of Information Technology, Society and Law (ITSL) at the University of Zurich will tackle these questions within Collegium Helveticum‘s research on ‚digital societies‘ with a public presentation by Prof. Niko Härting followed by a panel discussion with international experts. At the end, the floor will be open for a public discussion.


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