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Breakfast of Ideas

The Breakfast of Ideas podcast is a podcast series of the Center for Information Technology, Society, and Law (ITSL) and the Digital Society Initiative at the University of Zurich.

In this podcast, aspiring researchers from different disciplines present their research on issues, challenges, and opportunities connected to the digitization of society. In each podcast, you will hear a short talk followed by a Q&A session. The contributors have different disciplinary backgrounds such as computer science, economics, law, sociology, political science, as well as communication studies and are typically based at or connected to the University of Zurich. Occasionally, we will interview established international researchers on the challenges a digital society faces as well as on the role of scientific research in a world of bits and bytes.

Thank you for tuning in!


Digital Overuse: Are you addicted to the Internet?

Episode 1 || Speaker: Dr. Moritz Büchi || March 7, 2019


Download episode 1 (MP3, 20 MB)

AI Governance: A four-layered research lens

Episode 2 || Speaker: Natalie Pompe || March 26, 2019


Download episode 2 (MP3, 24 MB)

Security by Design: A Useful Regulatory Principle in the Service of Cybersecurity?

Episode 3 || Speaker: Prof. Lee A. Bygrave || March 20, 2019


Download episode 3 (MP3, 64 MB)

Cardossier: Putting Blockchain to Use

Episode 4 || Speaker: Ingrid Bauer || October 14, 2019


Download epidsode 4 (MP3, 18 MB)

Chilling Effects of Profiling Activities

Episode 5 || Speaker: Christoph Lutz || September 26, 2019

Download episode 5 (MP3, 51 MB)

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